How To Stop Losing Your Temper With Your Kids

I get it… you are running behind, you can’t find a shoe, they lost last night’s homework, the phone just rang… and you lose your temper with your kids. You don’t want to, but it starts… “Let’s go! Why are we always late?” When our oldest son was old enough to start doing things to make a Mama lose her temper, I was tested. A lost shoe when you are ready to walk out of the door. Spilled milk when you asked him twice to push his cup further back on the table. You know… those little things that, in the heat of the moment, result in a lost temper… from me, his mom, who should have it all together. I never wanted to be a parent that lost her temper. One day our son hesitated when he was goi

Morning Hacks For Busy Family

Mornings are the busiest and the most hectic time of the day for many families. Including mine. I have searched and searched to find the best morning hacks that would be simple enough, yet will help to get everybody ready on time and leave the house HAPPY. 1. Use morning flash cards to hang in your kid’s rooms for them to remember what they need to do. via Livinglocurto 2. Set up a playlist of your child’s favorite songs and let it guide them through the morning routine: brush teeth, make your bed, dress up, eat breakfast. By the time particular song ends child will know he should finish his task and get to an

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