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Indoor Fun for the Whole Family

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing has changed many aspects of our everyday lives, including our ability to entertain our kids. Now that colder weather has arrived, it is even harder to find fun, stimulating activities to enjoy while spending your days at home.

Check out these indoor activities you can do with your kids that will keep them occupied, entertained, and, most importantly, happy on those long winter days spent at home.

Science-related activities:

– Help your kids whip up a batch of slime that will entertain them for hours to come –Build a city with your kids using Legos or some other building blocks -Use one or more of these fun and educational  science-experiment ideas to help your child embrace their inner Einstein 

Baking and cooking activities: 

-Make your own healthy snack, such as  granola bars, using ingredients your kids love most -Purchase or make homemade cupcakes for your kids to decorate with their favorite icing and candies -Make dinner a family event by making homemade individual pizzas that your kids can decorate with their favorite pizza toppings 

Physical activities:

-Build an  indoor obstacle course for your kids with items you have lying around your home -Play games in the hallway, such as crab-walk races, green light/red light and leap frog –Try some simple kid-based yoga and meditation

Reading/learning activities:

-Help your kids write letters (yes, actual letter with pen and paper!) to their friends/relatives -Cuddle up with a pile of their favorite books to read together 

Crafty/creative activities:

-Let your kids raid your closet and put on an at-home fashion show -Make tie-dye shirts using this mess-free  sharpie technique –Create Bag puppets with a paper bag, construction paper, and crayons. Add in bits and pieces of material and imagination and you are on your way to a fantastic puppet show.

Whatever activities you decide to do, just know that any quality time you are s

pending with your kid are opportunities to make meaningful and lasting memories! 


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