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About Us

We are a family owned and operated center. As parents ourselves, we believe that our children are our biggest and most important investment in life and we pledge to give them our best effort to help them reach their full potentials and succeed in life. 


At Smart Beez Learning Center we believe a child’s early experiences enrich and stimulate future growth. Children deserve to be treated and respected as individuals in an environment that welcomes reason, exploration, question, and imagination. We respect each child’s need for love, security, acceptance, warmth, and stimulation.


Our Goal is to create a safe healthy environment, where children will grow to their full potentials physically, emotionally and cognitively.


While in our care your child will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, which promote all aspects of development. Family owned childcare provides children the comfort and experience of belonging to an extended family.


Meet our awesome teachers:

Ms. Roaa

Working with children has always been my passion. Even as a child, my favorite role to play was a teacher. I finished my Bachelor Degree in Science of Biology from the University of Kentucky and worked in the Cancer research field for 2 years only! it was enough to remind me of my passion. I started a center and went back to school for Early Childhood Education. Soon after, I earned my Child Development Associates in both infant/toddler and preschool settings Certificates, Director's Credentials and Trainers Credential. Still going to school. I love working in this field and passionate to learn more and more :)

Ms. Shelbie 

I am a preschool teacher and a pet mom :) I have three cats and a snake.​ I like to draw, paint and ride horses. I started teaching in 2012 after moving to Kentucky from Washington State, where I was born. I worked with all age groups, but preschool have been my favorite. They are so fun and creative. 

Ms. Beth

I have been teaching for more than 10 years and I enjoyed every minute of it. I started when I was 16 and I love spending time with children. I earned my CDA in School age setting, but I have worked with all ages. I'm so glad I joined Smart Beez team. 

Ms. Azizah 

I am the one year old teacher. I love working with the little ones and pass to them what I taught my own children. I feel very proud when I help them learn a skill and then see them them do it on their own. I love my family here at Smart Beez.

Ms. Angel

My name is Ms. Angel, I am the morning school age teacher. I'm currently attending classes at Morehead State University and will be transferring to University of Kentucky in the Fall of 2021. I am working towards a Bachelors in Early Elementary Education, also working towards a certification as a yoga instructor. I have worked with children for several years now, and I am very excited to share this journey with Smart Beez kiddos! ♥️

Ms. Shaymaa

I am the usually the afternoon teacher for the toddlers. I have a PhD in Psychology and I have done man studies on psychological, behavioral and emotional problems of children and how to help them. I love working with children and it makes me happy seeing them smile. I feel proud when i see them acquire new skills. 

What's Cooking?

All healthy delicious meals, starting from a whole grains breakfast with fruits and milk to a freshly prepared lunch made from scratch with chicken, beef or fish, two vegetable, grains and milk,  a nice afternoon snack  prepared with fruits, milk and grains.

Our menu may change often but our commitment to serve healthy food will not.

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