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Connecting With Your Child’s Preschool/Family Child Care Program

Whether your child is starting school for the first time, entering a new classroom, or in a year-round program,back-to-school time is a good chance to connect with your child’s teachers.

Here are some tips for supporting your child in school.Connect with teachers

• Establish relationships with your child’s teachers—it confirms to your child that his teachers are important adults in your life as well as his. Let teachers know how to contact you and that you are interested in what is happening at school.

• Every family’s schedule is different. Tell teachers when you’re available. If you can’t help during school hours, ask how else you might become involved. Attend class events and meetings whenever you can, and let teachers know if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend.Participate in school activities

• Join the school Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or equivalent. You might not be able to attend meetings, but you can reach out and offer to help in ways that fit your schedule.

• Sign up to volunteer when possible—even an hour a month makes a difference.

• Attend school events when you can—it helps your child see that you value school and what is happening there.Encourage friendships

• Arrange play times outside the program with some of your child’s classmates.

• Get to know the other families in your child’s class/program.Add learning at home (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies) to your day.

• Take your child to the library and register for a library card if she doesn’t have one.

• Read books before bedtime.

• Make or sign birthday and holiday cards together.

• Let your child measure ingredients as you cook together

and count items in your basket at the grocery store.

• Go on a nature walk and talk about what you see.

• Visit places in your community (post office, museum,

fire station).

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